Herbamed products Sarajevo - More than 40 species in stock.

You can find all Herbamed products in Aromatica Herbal Pharmacies in Sarajevo.

Herbamed products Sarajevo - Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy i Herbal pharmacy Aromatica 2
You can find the complete Herbamed product line in Aromatica herbal pharmacies. 
List of several popular herbal drops and other products of this company.

  • Herbamed drops for the stomach
  • Herbamed drops for the spine
  • Herbamed weight loss drops
For Herbamed products on the Internet, you can find thousands of written experiences from satisfied customers. 
The staff of Aromatica herbal pharmacies will not only sell you the product, but also help you choose the best product for you and explain how to use it correctly. 

Herbamed products Sarajevo - Delivery to all parts of BiH

For all those who are not able to visit our stores in Sarajevo, we can send all products by express mail.

To deliver to your address, use our web shop or call us by phone.
Free postage for orders
over 60 KM. 

Other Herbamed products that you can get in Aromatica

  • Weight loss drops 50ml
  • Herbamed vein drops 50ml
  • Herbamed heart drops 50ml
  • Herbal nettle drops 50ml
  • Herbal drops brekinja 50ml
  • Herbal drops of ruin 50ml
  • Herbamed drops for lungs and bronchi 50ml
  • Herbamed honey for lungs and bronchi 220gr
  • Femine A and Femine B drops 50ml
  • Urogin herbal drops 50ml
  • Uromens herbal drops 50ml
  • Fertilex herbal drops 50ml
  • Hairvit herbal hair drops 50ml
  • Antiparasitic drops 50ml
  • Herbamed drops against constipation 50ml
  • Herbamed Rinosan sinus drops 20ml
  • Herbamed drops for fibroid cysts and polyps 50ml
  • Herbamed tea for fibroid cysts and polyps 50ml
  • Herbamed honey for fibroid cysts and polyps 50ml
  • Herbamed high pressure drops 50ml
  • Herbamed immunity drops 50ml
  • Herbamed sugar drops 50ml
  • Herbamed cough drops 50ml
  • Herbamed drops for slow thyroid 50ml
  • Herbamed drops for accelerated thyroid 50ml
  • Herbamed drops for spine and joints 50ml
  • Herbamed liver drops 50ml
  • Relax soothing drops 50ml
  • Herbamed prostate drops 50ml
  • Herbamed marigold ointment 50gr
  • Herbamed St. John's wort ointment 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment Gavez 50gr
  • Herbamed propolis ointment 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment Psoriasis 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment for skin diseases 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment for Rheumatism and Gout 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment Dermasan 50gr
  • Herbamed ointment Bebisan 50gr
  • Propolis drops
  • Grilled seeds in sweet jam 220gr
  • Honey for immunity and energy 220gr
  • Herbamed drops are very effective and easy to use. 3 times a day, mix about thirty drops with a little water and drink. Herbamed products Sarajevo are one of the most sought after products in Aromativa. 
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