Aromatica Viber Group for discounts, promotions and news

Exclusive discounts, promotions and news - only for Aromatica Viber Group members

Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy from Sarajevo from time to time offers specials and discounts on products from our range of natural products. By joining this group, you will be the first to receive information about our offers and news.

Viber qr code for herbal pharmacy Aromatica
Scan this QR Code with Viber or click on the image and join the Aromatica Viber group.

Why should you join the Aromatica Viber group?

  1. You will be the first to be notified of a promotion, discount or news.
  2. You will be the first to be informed about our free measurements of venous circulation in bone density and other organized events.
  3. Aromatica Viber Group members will occasionally enjoy exclusive offers for group members only.
  4. You will not be distracted by messages from other members. It is not possible to post questions or comment in a group.
  5. Other members of the group cannot see your phone number and contact you directly. Only Aromatica staff can see information from group members
  6. No spamming. Aromatica will publish 30 or fewer posts per month (maximum one message per day).
  7. Group members will be the first to be notified of new Aromatica products and will be able to purchase them at a one-time discount.
  8. Membership is not limited to pharmacy purchases. Members who live outside of Sarajevo and to whom we send products by mail can also enjoy these benefits. IMPORTANT NOTE: Discounts apply only to products shipped within Bosnia and Herzegovina. To send abroad visit https://drhasanagic.com


Be the first or only

So far, we have posted discounts and news on our facebook page. If you haven't already, join the Aromatica facebook group. Facebook is still a very important and attractive medium for publishing our news, but, as you probably already know, Facebook does not send all posts to all members, so it is easy to miss important and interesting offers. By joining Aromatica viber group you will not happen to miss the action and the discount.

Members of our Viber Group will occasionally receive exclusive discount notifications only for them. This will be practiced for items with a small and limited number of pieces. For example, if we have a discount on honey, and if the beekeeper has granted us a discount on only 50 jars, these 50 jars will only be offered to group members.

Also, members of the group will be notified a minimum of 24 hours earlier of all other actions and events at the Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy.

The Aromatica Viber Group is not a discussion, questions and answers group

We are always open to answering your questions via telephone, email, facebook page or our direct Viber phone number. You can find all this contact information at the bottom of this page.
This Aromatica Viber group is set up so no questions and comments can be asked. During the day you will not be distracted by piles of uninteresting messages from other members. It is exclusively designed to keep you up to date with news and discounts no more than once a day.

Share this attachment or link to access the Aromatica Facebook group with friends and family http://bit.ly/viber-aromatica

How to quickly and easily access the Aromatica Viber Group

CLICK ON THIS LINK http://bit.ly/viber-aromatica from your phone


  1. Viber on your mobile phone is required and activated.
  2. Start Viber and go to contacts.
  3. Click Add Contact
  4. Click on the Scan QR Code and position your camera according to the code below
  5. The camera will automatically include you in the group

viber comunity aromatica group