Aromatica Sarajevo Herbal Pharmacy

Aromatica doo Sarajevo is a company that deals with the processing and trade of medicinal herbs, preparations, natural soaps, natural cosmetics, honey and bee products and nutritional supplements.

The company was incorporated in 2016, but from 1988 to 1992 it operated under the name Herbal Pharmacy Dr. Hasanagic. During this period, the company had a production program of teas, tinctures, balms and operated 14 branches throughout the former Yugoslavia. The revitalization under the new name begins in mid-2013.

Aromatica doo has distribution of its products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Canada, US. Aromatica doo is also a co-owner of Ramslin doo Loznica in Serbia.

Aromatica Ltd. produces E-Drops and E2-Drops for urinary infections are the first products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Canada (Health Canada) under NPN Nos. 80023108 and 80091554.

In May 2019, under the brand name Sapunica Studio (https://sapuni.caAromatica Ltd. starts production of natural and luxury soaps and personal care products in small batches.

In July 2020, the second location of Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy in Sarajevo was opened at 20 Gazi Husrev begova Street, also known as Zlatarska Street. Located only twenty meters from Sarajevo's famous Sweet Corner.

Business name Aromatica doo Sarajevo
SpeciesLimited Liability Company
IndustryProcessing and marketing of medicinal plants and natural raw materials
HeadquartersKundurdžiluk 20, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Key personsVedran Hasanagić, Director
ProductsE-drops, Ramslin drops, Hepatal, tinctures, soaps, essential oils, tea blends
Web sitearomatica.ba

Steering Committee and external associates:

Vedran Hasanagić MDAM Sarajevo - Director
Erkam Čaršimamović, Zenica - Manager
Suad Vražalica, France - Manager 
Mirjana Hasanagić MDAM Canada - External Advisor
Aldijana Čaušević MA gen - Expert advisor
Majda Memić Bašić - Expert Associate 

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