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Aromatica herbal pharmacies are located in the heart of Sarajevo, in Baščaršija. With a large selection of natural products and with the professional help of our staff, it is very likely that you will find everything you need for a healthier life in Aromatica.

Price increases during this madness with the Corona virus.1. The herbal pharmacy Aromatica promises that it will NOT use the new situation and raise the prices of any of the products that are currently in stock. 2. The prices of handmade soaps from our Soap Studio are reduced by up to 50%. The only possible price increases may come from our suppliers.

Honey in Sarajevo

Natural honey and bee products

Large selection of local honey of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Selection of essential oils in Sarajevo

Essential oils

Certified Pure Essential Oils Selection

Tea blend teas in Sarajevo

Teas and herbal blends

Over 100 teas and tea blends at Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy

Natural supplements of Sarajevo Aromatica

Vitamins and supplements

The best vitamins and supplements at affordable prices

Bodybuilder Sarajevo

Product selection for athletes

Quality dietary supplements and supplements for athletes

Choice of herbal drops and tinctures

Tinctures and herbal drops

Natural-E, Elixir, Herbamed and other drops and tinctures.

Soap Studio Soaps in Aromatics

Therapeutic and luxury soaps

Selection of Natural and Luxury Soaps Soap Studios

Elixir Kapi Herbal Pharmacy Aromatica Sarajevo

Elixir drops Sarajevo

Complete selection of Eliksir herbal drops

Choice of herbal drops and tinctures

Herbamed drops Sarajevo

Compete selection od Herbamed products

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Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy
Kundurdzhiluk 20
71000 Sarajevo. 
Telephone: 033 861 757
Viber / WhatsApp: +387 61 749 601
Winter working hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 19:00, 
Sunday closed.
(Baščaršija. Street with ćevabdžinice Željo i Željo 2)

Herbal pharmacy Aromatica Kundurdžiluk 20

Aromatica Herbal Pharmacy
Gazi Husrev-beg 20 
71000 Sarajevo. 
Phone: +033 742 929 XNUMX
Viber / WhatsApp: +387 62 786 666
Winter working hours: od Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 19:00,
Sunday closed.
(Baščaršija. Zlatarska Street, across from Bezistan)

Herbal Pharmacy Sarajevo